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Behind the Scenes

Yool began as the brainchild of an orchestra administrator who simply wanted to make his life easier. After exhausting the capabilities of various standard “out of the box” tools, he began a development partnership with Specific-Group. The Yool that you can experience today is the state-of-the-art result of several years and hundreds of hours of collaboration, observation, discussion, and research — all focused on how to improve and facilitate the orchestra administration process. In addition to administrative experts and technicians, a test group of more than 100 musicians contributed to Yool’s development and success.

Beginning in February 2016, Specific-Group invites the whole world to get to know Yool and transform their orchestra management experience.

Yool. Your orchestra online.

About the Project

Yool’s five-year development collaboration is a classic representation of what we at Specific-Group do best: work with a client to identify and define their need, then use the best of our ability to develop a cost-effective, time-efficient solution.

With multi-cultural expertise in complex industries including global banking, healthcare, and social services, we’ve welcomed our expansion into the arts with Yool and embrace it as a welcome challenge.