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Online platform for
freelance specialists

  • Unify scheduling, casting, communication

  • Focus on your goals rather than organizing the human ressources

YOOL. Your orchestra online

YOOL keeps your finger on the pulse

YOOL accelerates casting, scheduling, communicating, building orchestrations, and PR — among artists, staff, musicians, and with production teams. YOOL also includes comprehensive databases of compositions — including instrumentation, composers, and artists.

YOOL is always up-to-date — so you are, too!

YOOL centralises and distributes important documents, personal data, schedules, to-dos, and programme details.

YOOL does wonders for your image!

YOOL's web-based interface and functionality enable your busy musicians, artists, and staff to work on the go, in the moment, and  in style. Efficiency is always "a la mode!"

All for YOOL — and YOOL for all!

YOOL maps all work steps involved in concert/tour preparation and makes them available to the right team members at the right time. From staff to volunteers, everyone benefits from YOOL.    

YOOL has credibility

YOOL unifies and accelerates casting, scheduling, communications, and PR — among staff,  with musicians, and with production teams.YOOL has credibility

Who can YOOL?