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The YOOL Advantage



    State-of-the-art Tech

    • SPG-hosted web-based interface supports anywhere/anytime access via your users’ web browser of choice.
    • Interface is optimised for mobile access via iOS, Android, and Windows mobile
    • Security permissions ensure only those authorised have access to sensitive data
    • Integrated library is pre-populated with standard pieces, instrumentation, and composers.
    • Musician data can be exported for further manipulation with Excel, Numbers, Word, etc.
    • Included calendar and messaging modules integrate seamlessly with .ics, Outlook, and Google
    • Subscription pricing includeds hosting, standard system updates, and ongoing technical support. 20 hours of training and customisation during the system on-boarding phase are also included.

    Flexible, Multi-functional Interfaces and Databases

    • NEW! Multi-language user interface
    • Messaging feature supports individual and group communications
    • Directly access and publish programme, artist, composer, and schedule details online (using optional API)
    • Web-based interface supports geographically-distributed administrative staff without compromising data integrity or version control


    Time-saving Functionality 

    • Checks and confirms availability of all required musicians for a given production
    • View or administer any musician's schedule and performance details...individually or as part of a whole
    • Instrumentation capabilities support flexible casting and scheduling of works
    • Production details can include multiple orchestrations
    • Use YOOL to define seat order per orchestration
    • Staff can assign tasks to users and musicians...in groups and individually; users view and receive task alerts through their profile interface and messaging system
    • Automated (yet personalised) email reminders can be set for all user tasks
    • News function displays announcements and other timely data
    • Data is entered once and used for a variety of purposes, from marketing to scheduling to casting
    • One button exporting of data for spreadsheets and reports per production (i.e. for rooming lists, instrumentation lists, emergency contact information, travel visa applications, etc.)
    • Template feature allows staff to duplicate, edit, and repurpose existing productions