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Who can YOOL?

YOOL is about people. YOOL is about humans and about their ressources.

YOOL eases the teamwork so much that the organizers simply have a better life-quality and peace of mind.


Freelance Specialist

  • Every member of the organization can freely offer their services for the opportunities and jobs offered by the administration
  • Availability for jobs and productions can be given 24/7
  • Compatible with any OS, device, browser, brand available today
  • The personal account communicates everyhting the freelance needs to know to about the job
  • Push one button - that's all

Administration & Organization - Teams

  • On one spot, everyhting you need to run any kind of configuration, effort, situation and requirement of any kind
  • Communicate, exchange information, stay in contact, stay up to date, update everyhting with everyone of your team at any time
  • Focus on content and performance rather than organizing the human ressoures you need to accomplish your goals

Production Staff

  • Communicate directly with administration
  • Receive and submit production details in real-time
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities by performance and by piece

Marketing/PR/Outreach Teams

  • Access schedule and programme details in real-time
  • Directly access and publish programme, artist, composer, and schedule details online (using optional API)